EZ-Trieve Pen
EZ-Trieve is a pen designed to make your life easier. Engineered for individuals with dexterity limitations, its patented design includes a large, flexible grip, a magnifying glass with integrated LED lamp, and a telescoping magnet to pick up small metal objects. Learn more or order now at EZ-Trieve.com.
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Product Features

  • Read small print in the dark or the light with LED lighted positional magnifying glass. Invaluable whether trying to read a label, a menu or a part number no matter the lighting conditions.
  • LED light also doubles as mini flashlight.
  • Retrieve coins from a small-slotted vending machine. Pen is designed to flex up to ten degrees and not break for people with arthritis or other conditions that often find it very difficult to retrieve coins from vending machines.
  • Pick up small metal objects with the 2-inch telescoping magnet.
  • Operates and looks like a typical ink pen. A true multifunctional pen/tool.

Product Specifications

  • Telescoping Magnetic plunger
  • Pen Length: 5.37 inches
  • Cushioned holding area: 1.62 inches
  • Standard tapered gripping area
  • Lower 1.62 inches flexes up to ten degrees in all planes
  • Clip is 3.35 inches including 0.95 diameter magnifying glass that is a plastic magnifying/reader glass
  • Clip rotates 180 degrees and lightly locks at 90 and 180 degrees
  • LED light is incorporated in the clip allowing for illumination of area viewed by the magnifying glass.